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Mike Lafortune

These days, real estate information is readily available to buyers, but
information alone does not determine value… All information must be known, collected, sorted, and finally analyzed expertly before relative values can emerge.
After over two decades of managing real estate agents and projects, working with buyers and sellers both, some very identifiable trends surfaced and it was clear to Mike that Buyers of land needed and wanted their own advocacy.
What’s more, there is currently a woeful lack of a “Standard-of-Service” for Buyers in the market. Mike is here to change that for his clients.
You know what Buyers want. They want the best value on the market that meets their objectives. Period.
To get that, Buyers want and need accurate real time information in a comprehensive concise format delivered
to them via their preferred delivery options, when they want it. AND, Buyers want an advocate.
The economy has changed and subsequently the ranch and land market has changed. You need more information about this emerging value market. You want to know where the best value ranches are; you want to know what makes it a best value; you want to know what other comparables are available (sold and active), you want to be engaged in the process with someone who can deliver. Having recognized the trends, Mike has combined forces with Michael Landreth, a nationally recognized Accredited Land Consultant (ALC), also of Mason & Morse Ranch Company, to design a system that will leverage their years of experience with state of the art technologies.
The LandrethLafortune team, together with the reputable Mason & Morse Ranch Company will provide you
with the accurate Value-Supporting information and inside-analysis you need, quickly and efficiently, using the following vehicles and more:
  • YouTube Channel with High Definition videos of ranches and land
  • Up to date notification of new ranch and land listings via twitter
  • Facebook updates
  • LinkedIn
  • Newsletters emailed directly to you
  • “The Best We’ve Seen” videos. We sift through the market and bring you the best value properties.
  • Exclusive Presentations
  • Market Updates
  • Calls are always returned quickly, emails get prompt responses
  • We will exceed your expectations – it’s the way we work….!

About Mike
Well-grounded in land, Mike brings a wealth of critical knowledge from his past industries to his real estate
clients today. Critical knowledge indeed; Before Real Estate, Mike was recruited by an Oil exploration company
to manage its exploration teams in Northern Canada, Alaska and the Arctic. Soon thereafter he was offered a position as Operations Manager of the company’s United States Division. In 1993, Mike’s passion and continuing involvement in land and the Real Estate business finally drove him to focus solely on his Real Estate practice, expanding it substantially. Good news because his experience in ranch & land acquisitions, minerals, land &
water development, and zoning & land use has made him a valuable asset to his clients and fellow brokers over the years. Ever since then he has been an Employing Broker, over-sighting his many agents and therefore a tremendous flow of transactions, including his own. He has owned two national real estate franchises and
has a deep and defining passion for his ranch and land brokerage.
Clients choose Mike for his knowledge and insight, buyer advocacy, excellent Client service, and ability to
provide timely relevant information and value-analysis in a Simple, Effective and Actionable manner.
Basic Information

  • Licensed as an Employing Broker in Colorado since 1993
  • Owned and successfully managed two National Coldwell Banker franchises
  • Ownership in a Land Acquisition and Development company (recently sold)
  • Advisor on City and County land use and zoning regulations
  • Owns a ranch in Colorado and up to recently raised Irish Dexter Cattle
  • Advisor to an American energy company regarding land use and selection for wind and solar technology
  • Member of the Grand Junction Area Association of Realtors
  • Member of the National Association of Realtors
  • Member of the Colorado Association of Realtors
  • Member of the Realtors Land Institute
  • Founder and Chairman of Buyer Broker Connect
  • Volunteer to American Red Cross Emergency Management Response
  • Member of the Emergency Management Institute
  • Bilingual – French & English